Late Night Rant

“Making the most of your blog,” “Optimizing your Twitter account,” “Taking advantage of Facebook.” What’s with everyone these days? Why are we all in such a frenzy to become media whores? What are we all desperately trying to sell? Who are you and why should I care, and why do you care so much about what I think? Are you so hungry for attention that you’ll do anything to prove that you’re cool too? Even if it means, blogging, Tweeting and Digging all the same stuff that your circle of blogs are posting... doing it just because you can?

“Genuine and authentic leadership will always defeat the selfish efforts of someone doing it just because he can.”

Are you really that person who takes some sort of backwards pride for posting a link to someone else who actually deserves the applause? Personally I’m getting really tired of this endless cycle of regurgitation.

Unfortunately, I’m caught up in it just as much as the next guy. But a bigger problem is that there’s a lack of real and genuine appreciation for things. The most successful blogs have passionate voices and attract passionate people. You can hear it in their words, and you can feel it at the end of a great post. But these days blogs like that are hard to come by. Can you really be passionate about 10 different things a day?

So why do you blog? My blogging habits stem from a genuine interest to connect people like me to the content that I think they will appreciate. But that kind of blogging gets repetitive and boring. Yes of course there are short term benefits, but the redundancy of clichés like “The best thing in a long time” wear off very quickly, until all you have left are “weekly roundups”.

There are always two sides to the story but there’s no arguing that we all need to make a resolution to trim the fat, stop being be mindless drones and become human again. Find the passion that started it all, and take pride in the ability to dig deeper to get at something more meaningful. Learn more about your passions, talk more about your passions, and talk less about what’s cool, funny or hot because tomorrow they won’t be. And blogs like that are a dime a dozen.