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Running with people is a lot more fun than running alone. But it can be difficult to organize runs with people you know, and finding like-minded runners in your neighborhood is next to impossible. Run With Me (RWM) is a tool that enables, motivates, and connects you with runners like you. It helps you discover nearby running sessions and allows you to host & promote your own sessions.


Finding new people to run with and new routes to keep things interesting can be very difficult. RWM allows you to use your location to check out different runs that are happening in different neighbourhoods across the city. Choose something close to home or venture out and find a new and interesting route.


Organizing runs with friends can be a hassle – sending the same information to different people, keeping track of who’s attending, answering multiple questions, etc. RWM allows you to manage all that communication in one place. Start by creating a custom route, add all the necessary details such as day/time, distance, pace then send out the invites.


Nike hosts running & training sessions at various locations around Toronto. These sessions are free and open to the public. The Nike Toronto city page is where people go to register for these sessions. It’s also where they go to download photos from past sessions. Session registration and downloads account for 99% of city page web traffic. The brief was for us to find ways to bring service and utility to make the Toronto City page about more than just Nike sessions.

From start to finish this project came to life in a three weeks, which included three days of user interviews and three days of brainstorming. The rest of the time we spent designing for both desktop and mobile, as well as creating high-fidelity prototypes.

Project Details
Agency: Huge
Creative Director: Greg Washington
Design: Greg Washington & Chang Baek