Greg Washington
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Inquiringmind Magazine – a digital publication focused on showcasing the culture of creativity. Between 2007–2013 I helped establish Inquiringmind Magazine as one of the world’s most highly respected culture and lifestyle magazines.

My official title was Creative Director. But as with most passion projects, I found myself wearing many hats. From developing the logo & identity and individual content segments, to the platform/CMS system that held it all together. I also had the pleasure of shooting and editing all the photography.


When developing the logo, we wanted to stay true to the purpose of Inquiringmind–digging deeper to uncover the motivations that drive creative culture. The logo type was set in Futura but our stroke of individuality manifested in the letter Q. Visually, the Q represents one entity coming into contact and absorbing another entity.

Primary Logo

One of the challenges was that there were a few recognizable companies operating under the name “Inquiring Mind.” So we chose to unify the two words into one–Inquiringmind®. For the purposes of trademarking a logo, we decided to go with a shorthand version of Inquiringmind. Hence, Inqmind.



Over the course of Inquiringmind’s seven year run, the design of the site went through major evolutions. What started out as a flash microsite, developed into a robust platform that housed a wide range of content. From daily updates to comprehensive features & interviews, readers always had a reason to come back.


While readers could visit our site every day to get daily updates on their favorite people, places and things, every now and then we took a deeper dive into some of the more interesting aspects of contemporary culture.


Highlighting the best looks for any given season, we took the best items from current collections and showcased how they could work across a set of looks, highlighting the key ingredient that made the outfit complete.


At the core of Inqmind, our interviews were a place where we deep-dived into the minds of cultures' most important but least recognizable individuals, teasing out the little idiosyncrasies that made their work so prominent.